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4 courses in Leadership.

Certificate in Strategic Leadership (172)

Keep your career moving forward with Binghamton University online education and training courses. These are the same courses available through the American Management Association Communications (AMACOM) Self-Study program. You can fine-tune your present skills, learn new ones, and enrich your career with a flexible learning plan that fits your schedule, strengths, budget, and career goals.

Tuition: $480.00

First Level Leadership: Supervising in the New Organization, Second Edition (92)

Building and sustaining a competitive advantage in today's organization requires leadership at all levels, not just at the top. And it is at the first management level-where the "big picture" vision is transformed into day-to-day meaning-that the most critical leadership needs must be met. For the supervisor or manager who is suddenly expected to initiate action and guide employees, this course is the ideal resource. With easy-to-learn techniques and procedures, it shows you how to manage the new workforce, influence others, build strong teams, and manage change. You'll quickly develop and implement the attitudes, skills, and behaviors you need to lead and prosper in your organization. You'll learn how to view your job as one of "organizational stewardship" that will inspire others to achieve better quality, responsiveness, and commitment. And you'll see how your new role will ensure the resilience and accountability your organization needs to sustain competitiveness. Assessments, activities, and case studies enable you to test and measure your progress as you work through the course.

Tuition: $95.00

Gaining Competitive Advantage with Shared Leadership Teams (103)

Learn how to: * Build a strong business case for shared leadership teams * Implement shared leadership teams * Build the foundation of team success * Analyze and develop member and team capabilities * Create clear team member roles and responsibilities * Measure teams' performance * Track directly measurable business results

Tuition: $95.00

Leadership Skills for Managers, Fourth Edition (123)

Todays leaders face many challenges in achieving their goals. Rapid changes in technology, a more diverse workforce, changes in government regulations, worldwide competition, and the growing complexity of things in general have increased our awareness of the need for more effective leaders. Developing leaders requires having an understanding of the knowledge and skills required for effective leaders.

Leadership Skills for Managers, 4th edition, focuses on five leadership skill sets necessary to ensure individual and organization performance: providing direction, leading by example, enabling others, sharing power, and seeking a better way. In addition to the leadership skill sets, the course examines the attitudes and mindsets of effective leaders. In the final analysis, the evidence of leadership is in the performance of the people and the organizations that follow the leader. When they perform well, the leader is a success. When they dont perform well, leadership changes are almost always forthcoming.

This course provides the background, real-world examples, practical applications, and numerous exercises to help prepare aspiring leaders. The lessons learned in this course can be applied to any leadership level in an organization and in any type of organization.

Tuition: $95.00

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