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Finance For Managers

11 courses in Finance For Managers.

A Manager's Guide To Financial Analysis, Fifth Edition (77)

This thoroughly revised fifth edition of A Manager's Guide to Financial Analysis - the classic knowledge-builder and career-booster-is a concise and completely comprehensive self-paced learning tool. Chapter by chapter, topic by topic, it helps you build your skills and expertise in a practical, logical you not only grasp the new information, but retain it.

You\'ll learn about short-term management issues like ratio analysis, current asset management, and the integration of working capital components.In addition, A Manager\'s Guide to Financial Analysis teaches you about long-term investment decisions, such as the evaluation of capital investment proposals and merges and acquisitions.

And you\'ll find all-new chapters on how to make needed adjustments to financial statements- taking into account current values, off-balance-sheet financing, and unrecognized items-and how to determine your company\'s optimal capital structure and debt policy.

Tuition: $95.00

A Practical Approach for Cashflow Reengineering (79)

Optimize the cashflow timeline and improve financial efficiency! How can companies dramatically improve performance and make sure stakeholders are satisfied? A well-conducted cashflow reengineering program is one of the best ways - with a savings potential far greater than such obvious but drastic measures as downsizing. A Practical Approach for Cashflow Reengineering gives you an effective methodology for diagnosing and treating cashflow problems. With many case studies and examples drawn from the authors' extensive experience designing and implementing cashflow strategies and procedures, it gives you proven principles that have resulted in annual savings of millions of dollars for hundreds of companies.

Tuition: $95.00

Certificate in Finance and Accounting Management (171)

Keep your career moving forward with Binghamton University online education and training courses. These are the same courses available through the American Management Association Communications (AMACOM) Self-Study program. You can fine-tune your present skills, learn new ones, and enrich your career with a flexible learning plan that fits your schedule, strengths, budget, and career goals.

Tuition: $480.00

Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, Second Edition (90)

Finance and accounting are the universal languages of business. Whether you’re a brand-new supervisor or a seasoned professional, you won’t go far without having a command of key financial concepts. Think of this broad-based course as your personal, one-on-one tutor. Revised and updated throughout and featuring a new chapter on corporate governance, Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, Second Edition, is written expressly for nonspecialists like you. This fundamental course clearly explains how to understand financial and operational measures, prepare and utilize budgets, respond to inquiries about the dollars-and-cents consequences of actions taken by you or your department and speak the jargon of finance with fluency and ease.

By relating financial management actions to everyday business tasks, the author sets the tone for painless learning. Step-by-step exercises and interactive examples will show you how to put the standard techniques of financial analysis to work immediately. This course encourages you to draw on personal experience to strengthen your comprehension of new material. Upon completion, you’ll be comfortable discussing financial concepts and data with your managers, accounting staff, CPAs and other financial professionals. And you’ll be helping to run a tighter financial ship—always a plus in your own career development.

Tuition: $95.00

Financial Tools to Drive Business Strategy (91)

Learn How To: * Master traditional measurement tools - ROA, Inventory Receivables Turnover, Operating and Financial Leverage, and ROCSE * Apply value-based performance metrics - EVA, MVA, and CFROI * Implement best practices - process redesign, benchmarking, auditing * Become a strategic partner with other senior managers * Use traditional and nontraditional performance measures to support firm-wide strategic goals and best practices * Transform the finance department's role in the organization * Assess and utilize the staff skill necessary for this new role * Do "more" with "less" - successfully master the challenges of relying on a lean organization

Tuition: $95.00

Fundamentals of Budgeting for Nonfinancial Managers (95)

Fundamentals of Budgeting for Nonfinancial Managers introduces you to the function of budgeting in planning and control. Then it builds on this basic knowledge with specific information on budgeting in retail, service, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations. It enables the nonfinancial manager to develop cost-effective budgets using easy-to-understand budgeting techniques. You'll learn how to: * Understand how budgeting fits into the planning and control process * Effective use of Budgeting * Budgeting in Retail and Service Firms * Budgeting in Manufacturing Firms * Budgeting in Nonprofit Organizations

Tuition: $95.00

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, Third Edition (97)

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers Third Edition, This best-selling AMA self-study course will give you a firm understanding of financial and accounting terms, techniques, and practices-even if you have no financial background. The course explains and illustrates the basics: interpreting financial statements... calculating inventory costs and the costs of goods sold... understanding stocks and bonds... determining company profitability using ratio analysis techniques... detailing cash flow... and more. You'll learn how to: * Read and interpret financial statements, balance sheets, and managerial accounting reports * Back up your business plans and proposed budgets with solid financial facts and analyses * Calculate returns on sales, gross margin percentages, and returns on total assets using ratio analyses-and plan for the future with confidence * Use everyday financial data, terms, and tools more effectively * Prepare a statement of cash flows on both the indirect and the direct bases

Tuition: $95.00

How to Make the Right Leasing Decisions (110)

This course will guide you safely through the maze of leasing options, techniques, and regulations. It provides a historical perspective on leasing; familiarizes you with accounting, IRS, and industry viewpoints; gives you a complete set of quantitative tools for analyzing lease arrangements; and, finally, shows you how to account for and report leases.

Tuition: $95.00

How to Prepare a Financial Forecast (116)

How to Prepare a Financial Forecast shows managers how to produce reliable financial forecasts and projections that serve as the basis for crucial business decisions in long-range planning. It includes a special chapter on computing technology for forecasting. Learn how to: * Use the Delphi technique to minimize the impact of certain biases on your forecasts * Apply moving average, exponential smoothing, and simple regression techniques to analyze time series * Overcome problems in applying multiple regression analysis to forecasting financial relationships * Analyze the differences between your forecasted results and actual results

Tuition: $95.00

Managing Financial Risk with Forwards, Futures, Options, and Swaps, Second Edition (125)

You hear it all the time: today, risk management drives financial strategy. How can you be sure you're making the most profitable use of the powerful tools available to manage your organization's risk?

Now, with this brand new, totally revised edition you'll learn the art and science of risk management as it is practiced in today's most ambitious and successful companies. You'll see how to calculate and use the new metric of value at risk (VaR) to establish winning strategies and limit potential loss. And you'll see how to combine the four types of derivatives—forwards, futures, options, and swaps—to create effective risk management products for your organization's specific needs.

You'll gain a solid foundation in the basic elements, strategies, and implications of derivatives, their products and terminology, as well as a better understanding of the effects of financial risk management on a firm's investment and financing decisions and on its overall profitability.

Tuition: $95.00

Planning Cash Flow (132)

Planning Cash Flow gives you a nuts-and-bolts understanding of proven techniques to plan and manage cash flow, sources and uses of short-term funds, and working capital (including cash, short-term securities, receivables, inventory, payables, and short- and intermediate-term debt).

Tuition: $95.00

Last Updated: 4/24/14