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2 courses in Purchasing.

Fundamentals of Purchasing (101)

Purchasing has a direct and powerful effect on your organization's bottom line. Your role in this strategic function is a complex one. You have to orchestrate a dynamic chain of events from bid solicitation to final delivery-often as a member of a multifunctional team-and satisfy the needs of your internal customers without breaking the bank. This course is designed for new purchasing professionals. It will ground you in the basics as they are practiced in a contemporary business environment. With a strong emphasis on real-world practices and corporate teamwork, it leads you through the six fundamentals of purchasing: how to gather the necessary information, set a purchase strategy, develop and send your RFQ (request for quotation or proposal), evaluate and choose suppliers, negotiate terms and conditions, and implement the agreement. At each step, you'll find work assignments, sample documents, and exercises that are directly relevant to your job. Those involved with global procurement will appreciate the special guidance on the logistics of international purchasing. Learn how to: * Perform all basic purchasing functions * Establish an effective purchasing system * Identify the best suppliers * Reduce costs for your company * Work with other staff members on purchasing activities * Identify how purchasing impacts company profitability

Tuition: $95.00

Strategic Supply Management (136)

Become a best-in-class supply management organization!

Operating a world-class supply management department can improve your products and services, optimize the use of resources, and lower costs for your organization. Managing the entire supply chain to accomplish this is a complex challenge for today’s supply managers.

Strategic Supply Management lays out in practical detail everything you need to know to set the key strategic direction to achieve this goal and your own success as a procurement professional.

Tuition: $95.00

Last Updated: 4/24/14