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Networking and CompTIA Certification

5 courses in Networking and CompTIA Certification.

Cisco ™ CCNA® Certification Training (54)

This nationally recognized Cisco® CCNA® online course and certification training program provides students with the essential knowledge to install, configure, and operate simple routed LANs and WANs and obtain Cisco® CCNA® certification. You will gain knowledge of switched LAN Emulation networks made up of Cisco® equipment. The program is a focused coverage of Cisco® router configuration procedures, which will be mapped to exam objectives and prepare you for Cisco® Exam 640-801.

Tuition: $1995.00

CompTIA A+ Certification Training (51)

This nationally recognized Comptia A+ online course and training program is the industry standard for validating vendor-neutral skills expected of an entry-level computer technician. Comptia A+ certification training opens the door to an exciting career in computer technology. Students are required have an extra computer running Windows 98 or better to complete the course work.

Tuition: $1695.00

CompTIA Network+ Certification Training (68)

This nationally recognized CompTIA Network+ online course and certification training program is the worldwide standard of competency for professionals with nine months experience in networking support or administration. The Network+ certification validates technical competency in networking administration and support. This certification is geared toward those with nine months field experience in network administration and support.

Tuition: $1495.00

CompTIA Security+ Certification Training (73)

This nationally recognized CompTIA™ IT Security+ online training course and certification program helps prepare a student for the Security+ IT certification exam. Students will learn about IT industry-wide security topics, including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack, and operational and organization security. Other topics included in this course are protocols used in Linux, UNIX, and Windows 2000 in addition to the TCP/IP suite component protocols, and Ethernet operations. Students will gain knowledge in capturing, analyzing, and generating IP traffic, how to exploit protocol weaknesses and examine defensive solutions. Packet filtering, password policies, and file integrity checking are also covered.

Tuition: $1495.00

CompTIA? Security+ Certification Prep 2 (1041)

Tuition: $110.00

Last Updated: 4/24/14