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Grant Writing and Nonprofit Management

12 courses in Grant Writing and Nonprofit Management.

A to Z Grant Writing (188)

A to Z Grant Writing is an invigorating and informative course that will equip you with the skills and tools you need to enter the exciting field of grant writing! You'll learn how to raise needed funds by discovering how and where to look for potential funders who are a good match for your organization. You'll also learn how to network and develop true partnerships with a variety of funders, how to organize a successful grant writing campaign, and how to put together a complete proposal package.
This course speaks mainly to nonprofit organizations, schools, religious institutions, and municipalities seeking grants from foundation, corporate, government, and individual donors. But many of the elements easily translate to the for-profit field and to individual artists, and material specifically designed for businesses and individuals is also included. No matter who you are or what level of experience you have, you'll find the A to Z of writing and submitting successful proposals here!

Tuition: $95.00

Advanced Grant Proposal Writing (196)

Do you know the best way to present information in a grant proposal? In this course, an experienced grantwriter will show you how to research and write winning proposals that get funded. You'll become proficient in the proposal format used by the vast majority of public foundations. Learn what to do--and, more importantly what not to do--on your cover sheet, narrative, background page, and your stakeholder and third-party evaluation plan.

You'll also discover the quickest and most efficient ways to gather the information you'll need to develop your proposalís attachments, including information on your organization's structure, administration, and finances.

And you'll gain a full understanding of the criteria funders use to determine whether your grant proposal gets funded or rejected. You'll become expert at ferreting out corporate, foundation, and government grantmakers, and you'll know how to tailor your responses to information found in the peer review criteria.

Before the course is over, you will have discovered a number of significant finishing touches that can give your project the edge over others. You'll know the best type of paper to use, which buzzwords to include, which fonts work best, which types of graphics to include, and a variety of formatting techniques that will make your proposal more competitive. You'll also learn about the importance of obtaining community and political support before submitting a proposal to any government agency.

Tuition: $95.00

Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant (204)

Increase your income while working from home by starting a grant writing consulting business.

Tuition: $95.00

Get Grants! (267)

Learn how to develop successful, fundable grants from experts in the field.

Tuition: $95.00

Grant Writing (879)

The Grant Writing Online Training Program will teach you the essentials of writing, researching, obtaining, and maintaining grants. Youíll learn how to format your proposals, how to write effectively, and how to get funded.

Tuition: $2295.00

Introduction to Nonprofit Management (332)

Develop the skills and strategies you need to become an integral part of one of Americaís fastest growing service sectors. In this course, a seasoned veteran in the nonprofit management field will show you how to transform your good intentions into a professional plan of action. You'll understand the unique characteristics of nonprofit organizations while mastering the core knowledge necessary to become an effective leader in the nonprofit arena.

Tuition: $95.00

Marketing Your Nonprofit (368)

Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit by learning to compete more effectively for members, media attention, donors, clients, and volunteers.

Tuition: $95.00

Non-Profit Management (898)

Learn all about nonprofit management! Examine the fundamental principles of nonprofit management, explore the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors and the management team, discover the essential aspects of fundraising, and become acquainted with the budgeting process.

Tuition: $2295.00

Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials (946)

Take your first step toward a rewarding career in fundraising for nonprofit organizations! First, you'll identify the skills you'll need to become a successful fundraiser. Next, you'll discover where the best corporate and foundation fundraising jobs are and how to apply for them. After that, you'll delve into different types of fundraising activities, exploring everything from annual and special funds to corporate and foundation relations, major gifts, and planned giving. And finally, you'll see how fundraising software can make your efforts far more effective. By the end of the course, you'll have a wealth of new ideas for fundraising, and you'll be well on your way to success in this exciting career field.

Tuition: $95.00

Starting a Nonprofit (600)

Do you dream of starting and running your very own nonprofit? This highly interactive, hands-on course is ideal for anyone who is interested in forming a new nonprofit, converting an informal group to tax-exempt status, or reorganizing an existing organization. It provides practical how-to information about incorporation, organization, and other issues pertinent to anyone involved with a nonprofit start-up.

No matter what level of experience you have, you're sure to find this unique course to be a valuable soure of useful strategies and industry-specific advice that you can put to immediate use. This clear and enjoyable course, taught by an industry veteran, will answer your every question, providing detailed instructions describing every step you'll need to take to establish and operate a successful nonprofit.

You'll learn how to incorporate, select a board of directors, write bylaws, craft a mission statement, obtain tax-exempt status, develop a budget, create a marketing plan, explore fundraising options, and more.

The course is also supplemented with useful checklists, worksheets, reading lists, and field trips to a wide variety of online resources. By the time you graduate, you will be well-prepared to meet the challenge of starting and operating a successful nonprofit

Tuition: $95.00

Wow, What a Great Event! (452)

Looking for a fun new career coordinating special events? Learn proven techniques from a master event planner.

Tuition: $95.00

Writing Effective Grant Proposals (457)

Learn to prepare grant proposals that get solid results for your favorite organization or charity.

Tuition: $95.00

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