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Customer Service

5 courses in Customer Service.

Certificate In Customer Satisfaction Management (149)

Keep your career moving forward with Binghamton University online education and training courses. These are the same courses available through the American Management Association Communications (AMACOM) Self-Study program. You can fine-tune your present skills, learn new ones, and enrich your career with a flexible learning plan that fits your schedule, strengths, budget, and career goals.

Tuition: $480.00

How to Be a Great Call Center Representative (104)

Give your front-line call center staff the training they need! Today's technology-driven call centers are one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world. With over 3 million agents in the U.S. alone, this workforce is growing at unprecedented levels, driving the need for increased competence and specific skill levels beyond those provided by standard customer service training. Since call centers increasingly are a company's first line of contact with current and future customers, training call center staff can have an enormous impact on customers' loyalty and satisfaction. This course has been designed specifically to help frontline employees in call center customer service or sales to recognize the scope of the job and develop the skills necessary to create customer satisfaction.

Tuition: $95.00

Keeping Customers for Life (122)

Keeping Customers for Life, based on the best-selling AMACOM book of the same name, will set you on the path to 100% customer satisfaction and become your "bible" for achieving service excellence.

Tuition: $95.00

Managing the Customer Satisfaction Process (126)

Managing the Customer Satisfaction Process presents an organized, systematic method of identifying, measuring, managing, and monitoring customer requirements and satisfaction to improve profits and beat the competition. It equips you with the tools you need to carry out the improvement process in your company.

Tuition: $95.00

Six Sigma, Greenbelt (147)

This nationally recognized Six Sigma Greenbelt online course and training program encompasses all aspects of running a Six Sigma Greenbelt business, including management, service delivery, design, production and customer satisfaction. Six Sigma is one of the highest standards for companies and individuals to achieve. This interactive online training provides the skills needed to master this highly valuable skill. All materials included.

Tuition: $1895.00

Last Updated: 4/24/14