What is it?

A volunteer group comprised of senior staff members from key economic and educational institutions in the Southern Tier.

What is its purpose?

  • To forge strong alliances to strengthen industry specific needs, provide information and outreach for business, explore and support the business community workforce needs for traditional and emerging industry clusters, e.g., nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, photonics, energy conservation and renewal.
  • To provide information on funding opportunities, collaborate on business and education legislative agendas both state-wide and federally.
  • To act as a networking organization that supports the ongoing exchange of professional knowledge and experience.

What is the proposed membership of SUNY BEST?

Representatives from regional higher education institutions, BOCES, DOL, IDA’s, EDA’s, ESD, Chambers, LWIB directors, regional and local business associations and others.

What are some examples of specific projects?

  • Explore and identify industry trends and forecasts (traditional and emerging) in our region, working with the DOL, other state agencies and research centers.
  • See where and how the University can be the catalyst for new business start-up, R&D, new and old business recruitment.
  • Develop local strategies and action items keeping in mind the current trends.

How does it operate?

  • Monthly meetings with rotating meeting sites with stakeholders.
  • One or two scheduled presentations at each meeting relating to business and industry issues, regulations, funding and/or partnership opportunities.
  • Time for information sharing and networking.
  • Coordinated meeting schedule and listserv management by Binghamton University.

Additional information